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At Fling Boxing our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals in the safety of your own home.

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Videos submitted by users training with our products, getting in shape and having fun while doing so.
That's Fling Boxing!

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Our Gloves and Mitts are of the highest quality made from 100% Genuine Leather.
Don't be fooled into purchasing "Vinyl" or "Synthetic Leather" products for the same prices at other online stores.

Due to the current Covid situation, Fling Boxing cannot at this time accept returns on any items.
If your item should happen to arrive damaged, please save the packaging and receipt and contact us immediately.

What is Fling Boxing?

At Fling Boxing our goal is to help you achieve your boxing and fitness goals in the safety of your own home without the need for an expensive gym membership.

During these times of isolation, the Fling Boxing Program is designed to be used right in your own home where you can train safely while still achieving gym quality results.
CEO and President of Champions Sports and Entertainment Inc., Sal Musumeci, has been a Golden Glove fighter, trainer, and promoter. His years of experience in and around the ring has given him the knowledge and education to create high end products that compete with the most popular brands while being able to offer them at lower prices as well as professional training videos to learn from.
The experience and knowledge that he has earned gives anyone willing to train using our program the best tools and knowledge to achieve incredible results.


Who is Fling Boxing Training Gear for?

Fling Boxing equipment and training is for anyone who wants a great full body and cardio workout in the privacy and safety of their home. Anyone can use our high quality professional gear and get a top notch workout.

What are you gloves made from?

Our Gloves and Mitts are made of 100% Genuine Leather for the best protection and durability

What is your Training Library?

Our Training Library consists of videos that will teach basic to advanced Boxing moves. It will teach beginners through advanced levels of Boxing. The main focus of our videos is to give our users an effective cardio workout, while teaching them to box and have fun at the same time. We will be releasing new videos a couple of times per month to keep the content and the workouts new and challenging.

When will your Training Library be available?

Due to the current Covid situation, we were not able to record our videos in the Fling Boxing gym. We are currently producing our first round of videos and are hopeful they will be ready within the next month or two.

What if I have my own Boxing equipment, can I still get access to your Training Library?

Of course! You can easily purchase a monthly subscription for full access to our entire library of training videos.

COMING SOON: Online Video Training Library

Training Library

Watch our short clip from Heavy Weight Champion Derric Rossy!
To comply with state guidelins this sample video was shot in our trainer's home rather than the Fling Boxing facility.

Fling Boxing is working hard at creating our library of training videos. Our library will offer online training with Professional Boxers and Trainers for all skill levels from beginner to pro.
Online Training will be offered free for 90 days with the purchase of either of our full training kits.

Until our library is ready, take a look at our program and introduction videos below to get you started.